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Nebbiolo d'Alba DOC

Pinin Nebbiolo d'Alba DOC


  • Place of origin: "Pinin" Nebbiolo Vineyards in Madonna Como (located in the commune of Alba). South-eastern exposure
  • Harvest time: Mid October.
  • Cultivated land: 0.7 hectare.
  • Yeld per vine: 1.6 Kg approx.
  • Method of cultivation: Classical "Guyot" method, with short pruning.
  • Average density of vines: 4.000 vines per hectare.
  • Descriptive Notes: This extraordinary bright- red coloured wine is rich in aromas and primary scents, especially highlighted by its floral scent. It has a pleasant, dry and aromatic taste.
  • Wine-making: Medium-long maceration of the grape skins; fermentation temperature: 30/32 °C.
  • Ageing: 30% Twelve - fifteen months in barriques, 70% twelve - fifteen months in big oak barrels.
  • Bottling: Late summer
  • Bottle ageing: Four months at the Penna Winery.
  • Consumption: Suitable for ageing. Its structure allows ageing for up to approx. 10 years.
  • Serving temperature: 18°/20°C.
  • Best served with: Ideal with meat, game and seasoned cheese.
  • Preservation: Maintain the bottles in a horizontal position, in a dark room, with a constant temperature of 15°/16° C. and approx. 80/85% humidity.
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